Russia struggles to form volunteer units in occupied Enerhodar, Kyiv says


Russian occupation “authorities” in Enerhodar, Zaporizhzhya Oblast, managed to get just 15 local residents to enlist in their so-called “people’s militia,” Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC) reported on Nov. 16.

“In the temporarily occupied Enerhodar, the occupiers created a detachment of ‘people’s militia’ made up of several dozen collaborators dependent on the Russians,” the message reads.

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“Note that a detachment of 15 people was created only after two years of occupation, and the local volunteer battalion is generally staffed with Russians and Serbs.”

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The NRC adds that the militia squad recently took an oath of allegiance to the enemy and is now patrolling the city alongside the police, aiding the occupiers in exerting pressure on the local population.

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The message clarifies that the primary goal behind creating such a squad is for propaganda purposes, as it allows Russian apologists to tout "popular support for the occupation."

The NRC pointed out that members of these squads have become legitimate targets for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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