Russia reportedly produces 330-350 Shahed drones monthly

Vadym Skibitskyi
Vadym Skibitskyi

Russia is producing between 330 and 350 Shahed kamikaze UAVs every month, Vadym Skibitskyi, deputy head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR), said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine on Jan. 15.

“Our estimation shows that they can manufacture – as they did, for instance, in December [2023] – 330 to 350 units of these UAVs,” said Skibitskyi.

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“However, this production is dependent on the availability of parts. There could be [enough] airframes and warheads, but no engines.”

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Skibitskyi added that, just like when it comes to Russian cruise and ballistic missile production, all manufactured combat drones are immediately put to use, with few of them left to build up a sizeable stockpile.

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“This is why we observe varying numbers of drones being deployed,” he continued.

“December showed that even if the enemy had some reserves, they are now depleted, and all these UAVs that are launched [at Ukraine] are coming straight off the production line.”

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