Russia ready to hit Ukraine with ‘accumulated’ stockpile of Kalibr cruise missiles, says intel chief


Russia has been accumulating Kalibr cruise missiles for a long time and may soon use them to attack Ukraine, the country’s Defense Intelligence (HUR) chief, Kyrylo Budanov, said on national television on March 31.

"They are absolutely ready for use," he said, noting that the enemy has opted to use Kh-101 missiles instead of Kalibr because they are considered "more effective."

"In the near future, I think we will see Kalibr again, because the number of Kh-101s has decreased significantly. There are regulations, documents, decisions. The enemy had to replenish the stock of missiles, because by that time it had decreased significantly. They have completed this task. So now they are technically ready to use them."

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According to Budanov, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been accumulating Kalibr missiles, while the Russian Aerospace Forces have been using Kh-101 missiles.

Russia's most recent deployment of a Kalibr missile submarine to the Black Sea was on March 28, following a month-long hiatus since the deployment of two Kalibr missile carriers on March 21.

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Ukrainian forces said that prior to the massive missile attack on March 29, Russia deployed a submarine missile carrier that remained in the Black Sea throughout the attack and returned to its home base in the morning. No Kalibr cruise missile launches were recorded during this attack.

On Feb. 15, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said that Russia was "obviously" experiencing problems with its Kalibr cruise missiles after successful strikes by Ukrainian forces in Crimea.

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