Russia plans to remove terrorist organization status from the Taliban — report

Taliban delegation in Moscow, July 2021
Taliban delegation in Moscow, July 2021

Russian officials are working on a motion to strike the Taliban from the list of terrorist organizations, Russian news outlet reported on April 1, citing Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

The final decision on the matter is reportedly yet to be made by the country’s “top political leadership.”

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Previously, the Russian Foreign Ministry invited Taliban representatives to the "Russia — Islamic World" forum, which is scheduled to take place from May 14 to May 19 in Kazan.

In 2003, the Taliban movement was recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia, based on a corresponding UN Security Council resolution.

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In October 2021, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin first suggested that the designation could be rescinded. At that time, he said that such a decision should first be made by the UN. Meanwhile, Putin openly declared that Russia "cooperates with the Taliban representatives, invites them to Moscow, and is in contact with them in Afghanistan itself."

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