Russia orders forces to step up Ukraine operation

STORY: Russia has ordered its forces in Ukraine to step up operations, its defense ministry said on Saturday, as rockets and missiles pounded the country.

Kyiv says the latest bombardments have killed dozens of people in recent days.

In this strike on an industrial plant in the central city of Dnipro, at least three people were killed and 15 injured.

More missiles hit the northeastern Kharkiv region, killing three people including a 70-year-old woman, according to the regional governor.

Russia's defense ministry said in a statement that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had ordered military units to step up their operations to prevent strikes on eastern Ukraine and other territories controlled by Russia.

It said Shoigu gave the order after listening to reports from generals at a command center.

It wasn't clear from this footage, provided by the ministry, exactly when the meeting took place or whether they were in Ukraine at the time.

Ukrainian rocket strikes using Western-supplied systems have destroyed more than 30 Russian military logistics centers in recent weeks and significantly reduced Russia's attacking potential, Ukraine said on Friday (July 15).

In one of the deadliest Russian strikes of recent days, at least 23 people were killed on Thursday (July 14) in a cruise missile strike on the city of Vinnytsia, according to Kyiv.

Moscow, which launched what it called its "special military operation" against Ukraine in February, has repeatedly denied targeting civilian areas.

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