Russia loses 3,500 troops in Kherson Oblast in one month — Estonian military

Ukrainian fighters advance on the left bank of Kherson region
Ukrainian fighters advance on the left bank of Kherson region

The Russian military is suffering significant losses on the leftbank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast, head of planning for the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) Headquarters, Col. Janno Märk, said on Nov. 20, as reported by public broadcaster ERR.

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Märk mentioned that Ukrainian troops had advanced approximately 2 to 3 kilometers in a 30-kilometer area northeast of Kherson and around 4 kilometers southeast of the city.

“The immediate objective of this operation is to push the Russian Federation forces out so that they do not extend their artillery systems to the city of Kherson and the surrounding settlements,” said the officer.

“The 152mm artillery system, which is the one mainly used by the Russian troops, has an effective range of 25 kilometers.”

Märk added that Russian casualties are estimated at 3,500 military personnel wounded and killed over the last four weeks.

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“And that has already forced the Russian command to redirect units from other fronts to this area,” he said.

He also pointed out that the losses on the Ukrainian side are also high, but significantly lower than those of Russia.

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“Obviously, the losses on the Ukrainian side are high and on the Russian side they are much higher,” Märk adds.

“It is the attacking side that has suffered the greatest losses. And that is partly down to the choice of tactics. The armed forces of the Russian Federation do not count human lives, while for the Ukrainian forces, human life is very important.”

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