Russia forces state employees in occupied Ukraine to donate blood for Russian soldiers — NRC

Donation of blood
Donation of blood

Russia is demanding that public sector workers in the occupied territories of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya Oblast "voluntarily" donate blood for the needs of the Russian army, the National Resistance Center (NRC) said on Jan. 21.

Occupiers are trying to increase the blood bank on the Russia-occupied territories due to heavy losses at the front, the NRC said.

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Forcing the donation of blood is just one in a long list of violations of international humanitarian law committed by Russia, the NRC said.

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Russia-occupied territories are facing a humanitarian crisis, with escalating problems with the supply of water, heat, and medicine, the NRC reported on Jan. 6.

Furthermore, infectious disease is quietly spreading in Russian-occupied Mariupol, raising the specter of an epidemic in the city, the Mariupol City Council press service reported on Jan. 17.

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