‘This Russia doesn't deserve sympathy' - Ukraine's FM

STORY: "This Russia destroys, kills, tortures, and rapes. This is not the Russia that deserves sympathy and understanding,” he told a news conference.

Kuleba said Ukraine's fight against the Russian invasion is key to Europe's future.

"What is happening in Ukraine now is essentially important for the future of our region as a whole."

"This is our joint cause, our common cause," he said.

Kuleba also thanked Bulgaria for its support in the war effort and in Ukraine's push to join the EU.

Bulgaria was Moscow's closest ally during the Cold War but is now a member of the European Union and NATO and has condemned Russia's invasion of its Ukrainian neighbor.

Sofia, which has cultural, religious, and historical ties with Russia, has expelled 10 Russian diplomats over activities deemed incompatible with their status since the February 24 invasion.

Russia's foreign ministry said on Monday (April 18) that it had declared some employees of the Bulgarian embassy in Moscow "personae non grata" in retaliation for Sofia's decision.

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