Russia deployed all available reserves, military expert says

Damaged Russian tank near Vuhledar
Damaged Russian tank near Vuhledar

The Russian military has committed all available reserves to the frontlines in Ukraine, Ukrainian Armed Forces reserve Colonel and military expert Roman Svitan said in an interview with NV Radio on Nov. 8.

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“The Russians have deployed all of their reserves,” said Svitan.

“Furthermore, they have done so in areas like Avdiivka, Vuhledar, Robotyno, Luhansk, and, of course, Bakhmut. In other words, their reserves are now fully engaged.”

Thereby, according to Svitan, Moscow is limited in how it can respond to Ukriane’s growing presence on the left bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast.

He added that transferring troops from combat to other directions results in a loss of at least half their combat capability.

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“They need to be replenished and rested...; if a military unit is moved from one combat area to another, it only exacerbates the problem,” the expert said.

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“Given that the Russians don't have any reserves left, this is the only operation they can undertake. Again, this move takes a significant amount of time.”

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He mentioned that the frontlines' locations are particularly inconvenient for the redeployment of Russian troops because there are nearly no roads running parallel to the front at a depth of 40-50 kilometers, beyond the range of Ukrainian artillery.

On Nov. 7, Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russians were rigging critical infrastructure in the occupied areas of Kherson Oblast with explosives, suggesting the invaders are planning for a potential retreat.

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