Russia counted on Ukraine’s lack of air defense in latest strike on Kyiv –analyst

Kyiv during the Russian missile attack on March 21, 2024
Kyiv during the Russian missile attack on March 21, 2024

In an interview with NV Radio, military analyst Denys Popovych talked about Russia’s salvo of missiles aimed at Kyiv on March 21, which ended a 44-day lull in attacks on the Ukrainian capital.

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“The fact that no attacks have been launched for over a month could indicate several things,” Popovych said.

“It may indicate information gathering or missile stockpiling. They [Russians] may have had other reasons for taking such a break.”

Their motivation is very difficult to predict, but the fact that the missiles were maneuvering a lot on their way towards Kyiv is significant, the analyst believes.

“Firstly, this forced us to reveal the locations of our air defense system nodes, and secondly, the fact that they hit Kyiv from different sides at once shows they wanted to break through Kyiv’s air defense, counting on the fact that we have a shortage of anti-aircraft missiles,” he said.

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“Do you remember the foreign media reports that we should run out of them [missiles] by late March? There were such predictions. They obviously wanted to hit Kyiv from different sides to achieve maximum success, they counted on it.”

An air raid alert was triggered across Ukraine overnight on March 21 due to the Russian mass missile attack.

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Cruise missiles were reportedly launched from Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers.

Russia attacked Kyiv with a mix of cruise and ballistic missiles early in the morning on March 21. According to Ukrainian authorities, over 30 airborne targets were intercepted around and above the city, but the falling debris caused several fires and injured 17 people.

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