Russia could pose serious military threat to NATO in three to five years, Estonia warns

Kaja Kallas
Kaja Kallas

Russia could reconstitute its military strength and become a significant military threat to NATO's eastern flank within three to five years, Estonia's Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told The Times on Jan. 15.

Citing Estonian intelligence, the PM warned that Moscow could pose a serious challenge to the eastern NATO members in foreseeable future.

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"Much will depend on how successfully we manage to maintain our unity regarding Ukraine," said Kallas.

She added that, from the Baltic nations' perspective, Russia still has sufficient strength to exert real military pressure, despite having its fighting capacity significantly degraded by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

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Previously, Kallas cautioned that if the West does not aid Ukraine in winning the war, some NATO members could potentially become the Kremlin’s next targets for armed aggression.

Earlier reports indicated that, according to Ukrainian intelligence, it could take Russia five to ten years to rebuild the capabilities of its ground forces, and three to five years to replenish the stockpiles of precision-guided munitions.

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