Russia’s attempt to capture Ukrainian foothold on left bank of Dnipro foiled, most assault groups lost

Ukrainian soldier in Kherson oblast, illustrative photo
Ukrainian soldier in Kherson oblast, illustrative photo

Russian forces are attempting to dislodge Ukrainian troops from a bridgehead near Krynky, Kherson Oblast, with an estimated 60-70% casualty rate among attackers, Natalia Humeniuk, spokesperson for the Southern Ukrainian Defense Forces, disclosed on FREEDOM TV channel on March 30.

"On Kherson front, where the enemy has been trying to drive our troops out of the foothold in the Krynky area for many months without success,  Russians are have a rough time forming assault units," she said.

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Humeniuk added that the occupiers are forced to pull up resources from deep in the rear. According to her, about 60-70% of the occupants' assault groups do not return from their assaults of Krynky.

"Such serious losses for the enemy means not only huge manpower losses, but serious demoralization in moral and psychological terms," she noted.

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Earlier, she said that there is not a single surviving building in Krynky, and there are constant hostilities there.

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