Russia announces seizure of Kharkiv Oblast hamlet amid escalation around Kupyansk on eastern front

Ukrainian military in the Kharkiv Oblast, December 25, 2023
Ukrainian military in the Kharkiv Oblast, December 25, 2023

The Russian forces have claimed to have captured the village of Tabaivka in Kharkiv Oblast, but the U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War has no evidence to support this claim, ISW said in its latest report released on Jan. 27.

Analysts for the DeepState Telegram channel, by contrast, have reported that the Russian forces did indeed occupy the village.

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Russian invasion forces recently made a confirmed advance northeast of Kupyansk, ISW analysts said. Geolocated footage published on Jan. 27 shows that the Russian army has advanced west of Synkivka, northeast of Kupyansk.

Russian "milbloggers" alleged that units of the 47th Tank Division captured Tabaivka, although ISW has no evidence to support these claims.

Russian and Ukrainian sources stated that positional fighting continued near Synkivka and southeast of Kupyansk, near Stelmakhivka, Tabaivka, and Berestove.

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The most intense fighting in the Kupyansk sector is taking place around Synkivka and Tabaivka, said Oleh Synehubov, head of the Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration.

Volodymyr Fitio, head of the public relations service of the Ground Forces Command, noted that a large number of Russian artillery strikes in the Khortytsia sector indicate that Russian troops are trying to advance in these areas.

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According to DeepState, Russian forces have taken Tabaivka and are trying to build on their success towards Pishchane.

"In an atmosphere of uncertainty, panic must not be allowed," DeepState’s message on Telegram reads.

“The Lyman operational and tactical grouping is now facing a choice: either risk committing all their reserves to regain lost positions or stabilizing the contact line and gain a foothold on new defensive lines. This is logical and nothing secret has been announced.”

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The ISW reported on Jan. 21 that Russians had advanced along the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line and captured Krokhmalne in Kharkiv Oblast. Fitio later confirmed this, saying that the capture of the village had no strategic importance for the front.

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