Russia adds more goods to parallel import list

STORY: Russia will let more more imported brands into the country without the trademark owner's permission.

Moscow's industry ministry said Monday (March 13) it would include goods from a variety of companies.

Swedish furniture giant IKEA was one of them.

U.S. toy manufacturers Hasbro and Mattel were also on the list.

Moscow has pushed a so-called 'parallel imports' scheme.

It aims to help Russian consumers keep access to a variety of foreign products.

That as Moscow faced tough sanctions imposed by the West after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Scores of brands pulled out of the country after the invasion - which Russia calls a 'special military operation'.

The parallel import scheme lets Russian companies source goods from any company outside Russia as long as they are bought legally.

Luxury brands like Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent have been added to the list.

Japan's gaming giant Nintendo is also now part of it.

Parallel import mechanisms have been expanded over the past year.

It means many goods of top brands that left Russia are still available in the market.