Russell Brand says British public are ‘bloody stupid’ to ‘put up with’ King Charles’ coronation

Russell Brand has hit out at the royal family and the coronation of King Charles III.

The British monarch is formally ascending to the throne on Saturday, in a lavish coronation ceremony in London’s Westminster Abbey.

Speaking on his podcast Stay Free with Russell Brand, the comedian said: “The whole of censorship is underwritten by the idea that we’re too bloody stupid to understand anything. And perhaps to a degree, we are. Because we’re willing to put up with expensive ceremonies to anoint further royalty.

“Let’s face it, the death of Queen Elizabeth II meant that this is time for a radical appraisal and review of whether or not we even need a monarchy. And the answer to that is no, we don’t. Because what even is a monarchy?

Brand then examined a news story that reported that public support for the monarchy is now at a historic low.

“People are actually over it,” he said. “But you won’t hear much talk of that.

“All of the paraphernalia, pageantry and ceremony is to distract you from the bizarre fact that you’re kind of worshiping an ordinary family – other than the fact that they have an extraordinary amount of wealth.”

Charles pictured during the coronation (AFP via Getty Images)
Charles pictured during the coronation (AFP via Getty Images)

Brand then mocked a segment on Sky News which focused on a life-sized bust of Charles, made entirely out of chocolate.

“What it is about the royals is you’ve got to carefully control a narrative,” he went on to add.

“You’ve got to cultivate an idea and an image that makes it acceptable to have something so antiquated and outmoded at the centre of a society, to continually distract people that not only that the instutition in itself is against your interests – because of the concentration of wealth – but what it represents systemically is against your interest: unequal hierarchal structures.”

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