Rush Hour: Mob of 3,000 Lambs Crosses Bridge in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

More than 3,000 lambs ran across a bridge in the New Zealand town of Otane, Hawkes Bay, on January 25, after being freshly shorn.

Duncan and Annabel Smith, who own Patangata Station and Waipawa Butchery, filmed video showing the large flock moving across the one-lane bridge.

“Welcome to New Zealand. Witnessing a classic traffic jam,” Duncan Smith said in a video he sent to Storyful. “The lambs just had the wool shorn off…it gets quite hot here and they will only stress with the wool on, so we like to keep their animal health at an optimum.”

Smith told local media that he tries to keep the movement of such a large flock of sheep to an absolute minimum. Credit: Patangata Station and Waipawa Butchery via Storyful