Ruhainies criticised over humblebrag of boyfriend feeding her 'nasi kandar' in Ferrari

Mark Ryan Raj
Ruhainies’ boyfriend, known as ‘Mr E Johan’, feeding her with nasi kandar in his Ferrari. — Picture via Twitter

PETALING JAYA, Sept 12 — Local actress and model Ruhainies and her boyfriend were on the receiving end of criticism from social media users for having a plate of ‘nasi kandar’ in a Ferrari.

The 27-year-old actress had shared on Twitter that she had felt hungry but did not want to eat at a restaurant because she was not dressed for a day out in public.

This supposedly led her anonymous boyfriend, identified by her only as “Mr E Johan”, to bring her food in his luxury ride, and fed her by hand.



“I was hungry but I did not want to eat at the shop because I was a mess, so he ordered the nasi kandar, and brought the plate into the car and fed me,” wrote Ruhainies on Twitter.

“He can be so funny sometimes, how can I not love this guy.”

Ruhainies may have been expecting a slightly different reaction from social media users after posting the endearing moment on Twitter, as users were quick to judge the couple as “show-offs”.

Twitter users had a field day trolling Ruhainies and her man. — Picture via Twitter

Many users were quick to judge Ruhainies saying that she has achieved “a master level of being girly”, while others were wondering why they didn’t “bungkus” (pack) the food instead of bringing a plate into the Ferrari.

“They could have just packed it and ate in the car, what reason was there to bring the plate in?” wrote one user.

To which another user cheekily replied that maybe they were “trying to save the turtles” by not packing the food in styrofoam or plastic containers.

Ruhainies was having none of it as she was quick to respond to “bitter” criticisms of her and her man.

Ruhainies’ response to the backlash she received from social media users. — Picture via Twitter

“There are so many of you who are bitter, if you’re so stupid, keep some for yourself, don’t use it all up on others,” she wrote.

She added that she can eat wherever she chooses, be it by the lake, by the ocean, in his car, or in hers, and that it shouldn’t matter to anyone else.

The 27-year-old also told critics saying that they should “clean their hearts and chill” because “we’ve all done crazy things with our partners and those who criticise or say otherwise are just jealous.”

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