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Got a door that won't stay shut? As Seen On TV Monkey Magnets can help — grab 8 sets for $10

Have you ever had a door that just won't stay closed? Sometimes it's a cabinet door that keeps popping open; sometimes it's an office door that won't latch no matter what you do — and your cats won't let you get through a workday in peace. We have good news: These As Seen On TV Ruby Monkey Magnets are super-strong, attach with a simple adhesive strip (no tools needed!) and will keep any door closed.

Ruby Monkey Magnets

You're probably asking yourself, 'Why monkeys? Why not manatee or mockingbird or mule deer magnets?' We can't help you there; all we know is these work!

$15 at Amazon

Why do I need this?

You might not realize how annoying it is when cabinets won't fully close, but take it from us: It's a pain. These magnets offer an easy solution for everything from cabinets to closets — even house doors. Will they change your life? Maybe not, but one thing's for sure: They're a super-budget-friendly solution to a pesky problem.

And in their simple, no-brainer way, they're kind of awesome. The magnets are made of an ultra-durable metal that stands up to corrosion. That's right: You can use these outdoors without worry. Since they're so thin, you can place them practically anywhere.

Oh, and if you want a more permanent install, you can use screws. The adhesive isn't the only option.

You've seen these magnets on TV — now see them in action.
Tired of monkeying around with un-close-able doors? Embrace the irony and get yourself a set of these.

What reviewers say

"We all have this drawer or door that doesn't want to close and stay closed. After installing these magnets, the door, drawer, and cupboard door stayed closed, making the house look neater instead of having a bunch of half-opened doors. I'll be buying these again for future projects for sure. Thankful that Amazon carried these after seeing the ad on the television set!" one fan wrote.

Another customer shared, "I've used these on both my trash/recycle bin drawer in the kitchen and on bathroom cabinet doors that won't stay closed. These little magnets are awesome! They just work."

"These magnets are so easy to put up, and they work! I have used them on my mailbox that kept coming open. I used them on an old shower door that wouldn’t stay closed. They are also helpful on my kitchen cabinets. I love this product and would highly recommend it," raved one shopper.

Ruby Monkey Magnets

You've seen them on TV; now see them in action.

$15 at Amazon

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