From rubbish to robots: Indonesian man makes functional robots out of trash

This is the incredible video showing 27-year-old Guntur, in Padang, Indonesia, turning rubbish into robots. Seen on February 19, Guntur assembled a number of used items such as plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic bottles, used cables, with plastic glue to make a robot. "All useless objects can be used, small toys, computer mouse, matches, etc." The 27-year-old man added "the initial idea was a hobby with robots and could not afford a Gundam robot" at a high price and he learned from social media such as youtube to assemble robots from used goods. "With the tools as they are, I am very challenged to assemble a number of used items into a beautiful robot, everything goes without a concept and just by thinking of arranging opportunities to create a robot," said Guntur.