Half off for Black Friday: Rubbermaid and Foodsaver containers and vacuum sealers give new life to leftovers

Kristine Solomon
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If Thanksgiving taught you one thing, it’s that you never again want to contend with mismatched food storage containers or, worse, be forced to shove leftovers into the fridge in their original serving bowls. Your turkey and stuffing deserve better.

Thankfully, Amazon is here to save your holiday season with almost 40 percent off Rubbermaid food storage containers for Black Friday, from 10-piece sets to 44-piece sets and everything in between. With Rubbermaid, you know you get the freshest results possible: these containers are airtight and 100 percent odor-, stain-, and leak-proof. And with BPA-free Triton plastic, you get the best of both worlds: they have the crystal-clear transparency of glass but won’t leak toxic chemicals into your food. 

And if you’re ready to take things to the next level, this Black Friday deal also includes Foodsaver vacuum sealer machines and rolls for up to 53 percent off. These babies let you prolong the life of your leftovers as well as fresh cuts of meat, fish, produce, and baked goods for weeks instead of days. It’s the perfect zero-waste solution for your busy household.

Shop it: Food Storage Containers and Products by Rubbermaid and Foodsaver, up to 53 percent off, amazon.com.

Here are our top picks from this one-day-only Black Friday sale.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Vented Lids BPA Free Plastic Food Storage Containers, Set of 21 (60 Pieces Total)

Rubbermaid Easy Find BPA Free Plastic Food Storage Containers have vented lids for easy microwave use. (Photo: Amazon)

Ready to step up your food storage game? This set means serious business, and it’s on sale today only for almost 40 percent off.

“I needed some replacements containers for a set I purchased last year. However, buying the containers one or more at a time was expensive. This set costs waaaaaaaaaay less,” wrote one shopper. “They hold up well in the freezer. After a year I still have most of the set left...When I bought this set, I threw away all those mismatched margarine, whip topping and other containers. Now my cupboard is neat and organized.”

“I recently tossed all of our old plastic storage containers in the recycle bin and bought these. Man was that a good move,” said another. “They seal very well, no liquid will spill out, and after several dishwasher runs they still look like new.”

Shop it: Rubbermaid Easy Find Vented Lids BPA Free Plastic Food Storage Containers, Set of 21 (60 Pieces Total), $13 (was $20), amazon.com. 

Rubbermaid Brilliance 14-Piece BPA Free, Leak Proof Food Containers with Plastic Lids

Rubbermaid Brilliance storage containers are made of BPA plastic that you'd swear is glass. (Photo: Amazon)

Do the holiday season right with these Rubbermaid food storage containers that have gotten thousands of enthusiastic five-star reviews. We think the 14-piece set is an incredible value, but they’re also available in sets of 10, 16, 24, and a whopping 44 for serious home cooks.

“I’ve thrown soup in my purse and carried it around all day without worrying,” wrote one bold reviewer. “I’ve always preferred glass, but these are so light, nestle so well, are super easy to clean, and so drip proof than maybe I’m a convert.”

“I have a problem with strawberries: they go fuzzy in days no matter what I do or don't do,” wrote another shopper. “I washed, cut up, sweetened slightly…& then stored them in a Brilliance container. Usually I would have fuzz 2 days later, but in these containers they were as fresh as the day I bought them. I put a pasta salad with a pesto base into the big container & no green stains. It handles tomato sauce too & I've put it in the microwave with the top on loosely & that worked well. I LOVE THESE THINGS!”

Shop it: Rubbermaid Brilliance 14-Piece BPA Free, Leak Proof Food Containers with Plastic Lids, $17.49 (was $25), amazon.com

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container give your crisper drawer a break. (Photo: Amazon)

 When your crisper drawer just isn’t cutting it, give your fresh fruits and veggies and clean, well-ventilated place to live until it’s time for dinner. This set of three containers is 34 percent off today only.

“I put some baby spinach in one of the containers and 9 days later the spinach literally looks as good as the day I bought it,” wrote one amazed shopper.

 “I purchased fresh leaf lettuce and raspberries, rinsed them thoroughly, spun the lettuce dry and placed the items in the food saver containers. Eight days later the lettuce is still fresh,” said another. “The berries remained fresh for five days until they were all eaten. Over the years, I would hate to calculate how much money I've wasted throwing away wilted or spoiled lettuce and rotted berries. The savings from discarded produce will pay for these containers quickly.”

Shop it: Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container, $18, was $27, amazon.com

Foodsaver V4400 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection and Starter Kit

This Foodsaver vacuum sealer will keep food fresh for weeks. (Photo: Amazon)

Foodsaver’s best-selling vacuum sealer machine is 32 percent off today, and an accompanying vacuum seal roll is 53 percent off. Here’s what Foodsaver says about its miracle machine for vacuum sealing fresh and cooked foods: “Meat preserved with the FoodSaver System in the freezer can last up to 3 years and still taste fresh, flavorful, and freezer burn free.” We’ll let Amazon reviewers weigh in.

“This is one the best inventions EVER!” wrote one fan. “So much food went to waste prior to having the Food Saver. I buy most of my meat in larger quantities, so I repackage at home. Food stays fresh for forever! ...While things like eggplant parmesan and lasagna are always the best when fresh, let me tell you, the homemade and packaged is 300% better than the individual processed tv dinners. Things like soup taste fresh as always. I even use for bread. Very little effort to use! And so worth it.”

“This is the easiest sealer I have ever used. It is also the most dependable. I use it almost daily, for sealing everything from fresh produce to leftovers,” wrote another happy customer.

Shop it: Foodsaver V4400 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection and Starter Kit, $122 (was $180), amazon.com

Shop it: FoodSaver 11" x 16' Vacuum Seal Roll | Make Custom-Sized BPA-Free Vacuum Sealer Bags, $14 (was $30), amazon.com

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