RSG SG aiming for at least fourth at M4 World Championship

The Singapore squad want to do the country proud

(Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)
(Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)

MPL SG S4 champions RSG SG are hoping to do well at the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship.

But they may have a tough road ahead, as the team has not yet had much time to prepare, but will be training hard just before M4 kicks off in Jakarta.

One thing they are hoping to do is emulate their former rivals Evos SG and get a Top 4 placing at the US$800,000 prize pool tournament.

"We personally believe we can get Top 4 as well, and bring some pride to SG," said Bellamy "Lolsie" Yeo, RSG SG's roamer.

RSG SG lolsie. (Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)
RSG SG lolsie. (Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)

"It might be a bit tough because, honestly, I feel that we do not have too much time to prepare as two of my teammates are overseas."

However, the team will be grinding hard in Indonesia once they reunite, though they will have to also figure out a new patch, which had just dropped ahead of the tournament.

And if they do, it's possible that they could do well – though they will have to deal with a very tough group stage first. Currently, RSG SG will face Indonesian champions RRQ Hoshi as well as dark horses Echo, who placed second at MPL PH S10.

RSG SG Diablo. (Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)
RSG SG Diablo. (Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)

But as the sole Singapore squad, RSG SG's exp laner Yeo "Diablo" Wee Lun thinks it could help motivate the team to do better.

"Honestly. I think you feel more motivated in a sense. Because if Evos SG (Slate) was actually there, I feel like we will not be as motivated," said Diablo.

"Like there are two teams there, there's always another [even if we're out], but as long as the hopes are pinned on us that makes are more motivated to get further."

RSG SG Brayyy. (Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)
RSG SG Brayyy. (Photo: Aloysius Low/Yahoo Esports SEA)

And when asked if there would be surprise picks this time around, lolsie was quick to share that they aren't likely to do so or pick heroes that they did not even practice for, especially for the best-of-1 group stages.

While no teams are eliminated from the group stages, playoff placements will determine where RSG will eventually end up finishing. And if there's one squad they are wary of, it's ONIC Esports, who are MPL ID S10 champions.

"I see the way they play in MPL ID, the macros, they decision making against top tier teams like RRQ is very smooth. They make unexpected plays that we cannot think of, so it's quite scary," said jungler Brayden "Brayyy" Teo.

"I can see them doing it, but I don't know how they are doing it."

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