Royal superfans count down to coronation

STORY: These royal superfans can hardly contain their excitement for King Charles’ coronation

Margaret Tyler's fascination with the British royal family began as a child

The 79-year-old has spent her life collecting royal memorabilia to fill her London home

[Margaret Tyler, Royal superfan]:

"Yes, I used to cut out photos of him and Princess Anne in newspapers, when Charles was obviously the older one, and he was about, shall we say, four or five, and Princess Anne was about two."

"I mean I love them, I adore them. But then I haven't got any brothers or sisters. And I think that made a difference, really. I sort of followed them, Princess Anne as a toddler, really, Prince Charles a bit older. So I've been doing it a long time. But I enjoy it. I mean, some people smoke, some people drink, some people go on holiday. I don't do any of those things."

87-year-old Terry Hutt formed a special connection with the royal family

after the Queen Mother visited a church hit by a bomb

while he and his family were sheltering during World War Two

[Terry Hutt, Royal superfan]:

"And I believe it or not, a while after the Queen came along to look at the damage and she gave us a wave, and I waved back. And there's a little picture up there somewhere. And that's where I was when I was three years old, so that's where it all started."

Hutt keeps a record of letters he receives from the royals

"I keep a record of all my letters, and it covers all the family, even the children. So the children gets to know me as they grow up. So you know, for me, recently I had a letter from the King himself, now the King. And that is a private one."