Royal Secret Agent episodes 5-6: Quirky romantic scenes and the spats of jealous women

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Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myung Soo, right) shares his troubled and tangled past with Hong Da In (Kwon Na Ra) in Royal Secret Agent.
Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myung Soo, right) shares his troubled and tangled past with Hong Da In (Kwon Na Ra) in Royal Secret Agent.

By Bryan Tan

This recap, which contains minor spoilers, covers episodes 5-6 of Royal Secret Agent, which is currently available on iQiyi.

Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myung Soo), the loud-mouthed and insensible Royal Secret Agent, manages to save the day and his entourage/reluctant love Hong Da In (Kwon Na Ra) with the help of his trusty (well, mostly untrustworthy) servant, Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung), from the clutches of the evil ‘Little Sheriff’, Kang Jong Gil.

Yi Gyeom and co. free the gold mine’s slave labourers and truss up the Little Sheriff and his mercenary guards, but not before having a somewhat intimate moment with Da In.

She tearfully expresses her worry after Yi Gyeom faints from fatigue, and he gently attempts to pull in for a kiss but not before Chun Sam rudely interrupts. Da In pushes him away by shoving her palm into Yi Gyeom’s throat. Owch!

The trio return triumphantly to the capital, Hanyang, and are rewarded generously by the king. Another plot surfaces, as Chief Secretary (Ahn Nae Sang) and Da In attempt to pursue leads into why her royal father (yes, her father was a prince and relative to the king) was framed for starting an uprising.

A group of bandits have been roaming the countryside and targeting noblemen for their wealth and robbing them. The portrait of their leader appears on a wanted notice and Yi Gyeom thinks he looks suspiciously like his estranged younger brother, Yi Beom (Lee Tae Hwan).

When a Royal Secret Agent’s old habits die hard…

Chief State Councillor Kim Byeong Gun (Son Byung Ho) is impressed by Yi Gyeom’s success in his mission as Secret Royal Agent and attempts to betroth the young man to his youngest daughter, Kim Mi Ok (Ha Young), in an attempt to make him his underling.

But things go hilariously awry when Mi Ok pays Yi Gyeom a visit, and catches him in a suspiciously compromising conversation with Da In, flaring up the jealousy in both women.

The trio is assembled once again as the Royal Secret Agent’s entourage and are sent to Jeolla province to investigate the bandits, along with Da In’s secret side mission as well.

Yi Gyeom and Da In enter a gambling house to try and glean information from its patrons and question why such an illegal establishment is allowed to operate so openly in the day. Unfortunately, Yi Gyeom’s old gambling habits surface and almost ruin their mission when the corrupt local magistrate (Yang Hyun Min) shows up.

The magistrate’s grudge runs deep as he had a previous run-in with Da In back in the capital, when he had yet to become a disgraced senior civil servant. He tries to capture both Da In and Yi Gyeom, but is foiled when a group of unknown men show up.

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