Royal biographer sparks controversy after admitting "It's Meghan I'm after"

Royal biographer Tom Bower has sparked controversy after admitting during a Good Morning Britain segment that he is "after" Meghan and casting aspersions on whether Prince Harry has "even read" his upcoming memoir: Spare.

Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

- You say they shouldn't be allowed to use their titles in order to then have commercial enterprises and pursue wider ends. I understand that argument. But the argument you're making is they shouldn't be allowed to write a book with their views. And surely, in Britain, every citizen has got the right--

TOM BOWER: No, you're just distorting--

- --to have free speech.

TOM BOWER: --you're distorting me, Ed. They have the absolute right to go out. They have an absolute right to write their book. But they shouldn't have the recognition of being part of the royal family in terms of their titles.

They got the titles because they volunteered. They want to leave Britain because, hey--

- Prince Harry was--

- --we can't cope with--

--Prince Harry was born--

TOM BOWER: --the invasions of our privacy.

- He was born, Prince Harry.

TOM BOWER: His princely title is Meghan Markle. This book is really--

- Oh, it's Meghan you are at. Oh!


- I thought it was about Harry.

TOM BOWER: Meghan-- Meghan is the person who has dictated this agenda. Why? Because she was wants--

- The book's by Harry. It's not even by Meghan.

TOM BOWER: Do you think he's read it?

- Well, he's written it.

- It's ghostwritten--

- He's written it.

TOM BOWER: And it's ghostwritten, Ed.

- Oh, we know that she read--

TOM BOWER: He read.

- He's read every word.

TOM BOWER: He going to read it for the audio book. [LAUGHS] Well, let's see.

- But just--

TOM BOWER: Meghan has actually read every word. Meghan is a highly intelligent, very sophisticated.

- You can't bear a woman to be in control, Tom. I'm so sorry. If you really believe in the royal family, respect the late Queen's decision, which they should be Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

TOM BOWER: The late queen said--

- As she said, recollections may differ.

TOM BOWER: May vary.

- May vary. Yeah.

TOM BOWER: May vary.