Roy Wang apologises for smoking in public venue

24 May – TFBoys' Roy Wang has apologised for violating the law about smoking indoors in public venues.

As reported on ET Today, the singer, who was recently photographed puffing a cigarette inside a restaurant, issued a statement online, saying that he regretted his behaviour.

"My action has created a negative impact on the society. I am deeply ashamed by it, and feel sorry for being a bad example. I will bear all the responsibilities," wrote Roy.

He added, "As a public figure, I would like to apologise again. I will use this incident to reflect myself and become a better adult."

The Beijing Tobacco Control Association has also released a statement regarding the incident, saying that it is important for a public figure to show a good example to the public.

"We hope you will respect your influence on the society, face your mistake, take the initiative to admit your fault, apologise and accept the penalties," the statement added.

The authority is also fining the restaurant involved for not upholding the ban.

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