Roy Keane and Manchester United Fan Exchange Tense Words at Old Trafford

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane got into a verbal confrontation with a fan at Old Trafford on November 6, following United’s 2-0 loss to Manchester City .

Keane served as a pundit for Sky News during the game, according to local news reports.

Video filmed by Twitter user @darrenrusse11 shows a man approaching Keane and calling him an “a legend in this club,” but then asking Keane, “why would you be like that?”

“Be like what? What did I do?” Keane responds. “I’ve signed autographs.”

“An absolute p—-k,” the fan says. Keane accuses the man of having had a “few pints” before walking away. Credit: @darrenrusse11 via Storyful

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