'Real Housewives of Toronto' star Roxy Earle opens up about her postpartum body

Roxy Earle. Photo via Instagram @luxuriousroxy
Roxy Earle is opening up about her post-baby body and weight. (Photo via Instagram @luxuriousroxy)

Roxy Earle is embracing her postpartum body — and working towards her new fitness goals.

On Friday, the Canadian influencer and "The Real Housewives Of Toronto" star to Instagram to share a carousel of photos, opening up about how she has been learning to embrace her body since welcoming her son, Myron Michael Mahesan, in January.

"This morning's unloading of thoughts from my stories. A never-ending journey to self-love for anyone who needs to feel less alone in their feelings," she captioned the post for her more than 100,000 followers.

"Six months later and Myron left me with a cute bump," she penned alongside the first photo, showing off her postpartum bump. "Working my a— off to strengthen my core, eating with purpose and working sweating so I feel strong."

The following slide shows a photo taken last year of Earle posing in a pair of red leggings and a matching sports bra.

"This was a year or so ago — right before I got pregnant," she explained. "I was in amazing shape and never felt better since my 20s."

"I was training a few times a week and this was incredible. I was lucky to work with a trainer and want to do that again. I'm moving so I need to find a new place in my next area, but I want to get back to that!" Earle continued.

"Lots and lots of walking, tons of water, and eating sensibly with a calm and happy mind but not in a restricted way — prioritizing greens, vegetables, and proteins with good, healthy carbs," she added.

In the following slide, Earle explained that even when she wasn't feeling her "best" she still showed up as her best self.

"Even when I didn't feel my best, I always showed up as my best me," she shared before adding that she designed the red dress she is wearing in the photo.

"I designed this dress for a wedding, as nothing fit me that I liked in stores at the time," she wrote. "You don't have to hate yourself while working toward goals. Love yourself and never hide yourself along the way."

In another photo, Earle poses in a blue workout set, holding her son while posing for a mirror selfie.

"Here I am today. Carrying the weight of my pregnancy and the loss of muscle that came with that, but working toward my goals with love and acceptance of my postpartum body," she concluded.

Earle's message was met with supportive messages from fans and praise for normalizing postpartum bodies.

"Really beautiful perspective to share," one person wrote. "Completely agree about working to not hate your body even if it’s not where you’d like to be! Thank you!"

"Absolutely love this Roxy! Thank you for being authentic and assuring us mamas that feel like we’ve lost our identity in the weight of PP. this really hit home," another added. "Thank you. You’re super amazing. Keep rocking on, mama. You’re gorgeous inside and out!"

"Exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing so honestly," someone else commented.

"Love everything about this post. Self-love is a constant journey, and sometimes we need to realize we are not alone," one person chimed in.

"Beautiful in every picture. Thanks for being honest and uplifting others along the way," wrote another.

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