Rowdy Bear Cubs Have an Absolute Ball Playing on Backyard Hammock

Three adorable bear cubs went wild playing in a woman’s hammock in her North Carolina backyard on July 9.

This footage, recorded by Margaret Perkins in Asheville, shows the rowdy cubs climbing into the hammock, flipping it over twice, and wrestling in her backyard.

“I looked out the window and saw a bear cub climbing a large oak tree outside my second-story window,” Perkins told Storyful. “I noticed two cubs in the hammock. The third cub climbed down the oak tree and joined in on the fun.”

When the cubs spot their mother, they scramble over to her, climb Perkins’s fence, and follow their mother out of the yard. Credit: Margaret Perkins via Storyful

Video transcript

MARGARET PERKINS: They're just-- they're killing me. Where's mom? I saw her. That's the thing. I saw big, ole mom.

Jeez Louise. They're going to ruin the hammock. They're just-- yes, they're into it.


Get out. There might be stuck. How'd they get in? I don't know.

Oh, there's mom, big, ole mom. Now what are they going to do? Oh, let me see what they do, goodness.

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