Roti canai takes the crown as the world’s #1 bread – which others top the list?

Roti Canai, a popular breakfast dish in Malaysia, has recently been crowned the world’s number 1 bread, according to a recent post by TasteAtlas. This esteemed honour has catapulted this delicious flatbread into the global spotlight and cemented its place as a worldwide culinary hit.

Roti Canai - Bread ranking

Renowned for its delectable taste and unparalleled versatility, roti canai is a popular flatbread originating from Malaysia and various parts of Southeast Asia. Crafted from a basic blend of flour, water, salt, and, occasionally, butter, the dough undergoes a skilled process of stretching, folding, and cooking on a griddle with oil or butter. The result is a delightful flatbread that boasts a crisp and flaky exterior while maintaining a soft and tender interior.

Roti canai

This comfort food is not limited to a particular mealtime and can be relished for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It stands as a quintessential delicacy for those venturing into Southeast Asian cuisine. 

Roti canai‘s adaptability shines through in the multitude of ways it can be enjoyed — dipped in dhal (lentil curry), drizzled with condensed milk or honey for a sweet treat, stuffed with ingredients like minced meat or eggs for a hearty meal, savoured with various curries or gravies, or utilised as a versatile wrap.

Roti Canai - Murtabak

According to TasteAtlas, martabak, a hearty roti filled with ingredients such as meats, eggs, onions, and an array of spices, stands out as one of the most renowned variations of roti canai

Roti Canai - Pan de Bono

Pan de Bono, hailing from Colombia, secured the 2nd position. This bread is renowned for its delightful blend of cheesy and slightly sweet flavours, making it a favoured snack or breakfast treat composed of ingredients like corn flour, cheese, eggs, and a hint of sugar.

Roti Canai - butter garlic naan

In the 3rd spot is Butter Garlic Naan from India, celebrated for its rich, flavourful, and aromatic profile. Crafted from a soft, leavened dough enhanced with butter and minced garlic, it boasts a delightful taste and fragrance that sets it apart.

The ranking also includes other beloved bread varieties such as Italian Focaccia, French Baguette, Chinese Mantou, and Turkish Pita bread, each representing a diverse range of global culinary traditions and flavours. These breads continue to captivate palates worldwide with their unique qualities.

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