Should you rotan your kids? Malaysian redditors weigh in and recount moments when they were caned as children

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If you grew up in an Asian household, there’s a good chance that your parents or teachers physically punished you. Although ideas about corporal punishment have certainly changed in recent decades, the memories of those who experienced it will last forever.

Recently, in a post on the r/Malaysia subreddit titled “Are you for or against corporal punishment?“, local Redditors gathered to share their thoughts and childhood experiences on the matter. The post was accompanied by photos of a rotan canes being sold at a mall chain (“called Childhood no less”, as OP u/veldius notes).

The Redditors shared the tools they were caned with, why they were caned, and how it made an impact on them as adults.

However, the majority of them agreed that corporal punishment is unnecessary and may leave children emotionally damaged rather than a lesson learned.

Meanwhile, some shared more emotional moments of how receiving corporal punished made them lash out at other people as a child.

One user who is a parent shared how he had to cane his child because he beat a kid in school. He said although he is generally against corporal punishment, he believes it’s needed sometimes.


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