Rose Parade's floats come to life in California

Rose Parade's floats come to life

LOCATION: Pasadena, California

(SOUNDBITE) (English) DAVID EADS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND CEO OF PASADENA TOURNAMENT OF ROSES ASSOCIATION, SAYING:"This year will mark the 133rd anniversary of the Rose Parade and it is an American tradition. It's why Americans wake up every year on New Year's Day and start their year off with the Rose Parade. We're also seen in 120 countries around the world, so it really is a global tradition, ringing in the new year with hope and joy."

Hundreds of volunteers decorate 43 floral floats

which follow a 5.5 mile route on New Year's Day

(SOUNDBITE) (English) AIDA BUENO, VOLUNTEER FROM PICO RIVERA, CALIFORNIA, SAYING:"If you've never been here, you should come. It's incredible to be able to see what natural things you can use to make a float come to life, it looks kind of plain and ugly in the beginning but once you start adding everything from lentils to rice to onion seeds to pumpkin seeds to roses, it makes it literally look like art, and it's beautiful."

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