This room full of potatoes proves just how good Starfield's physics engine is

 A room filled with potatoes in Starfield
A room filled with potatoes in Starfield

Starfield is turning out to be a real loot hoarder's dream. Not only are there oodles of knick-knacks to find, but you're given a big ol' ship to stuff them in. For some, though, it's not about the variety of tat, but seeing how much of one item you can store. Like the fan below, who has absolutely stuffed one room with potatoes.

In the clip below, Reddit user Moozipan opens the hatch on their ship to allow a flood of tots to come spilling out. If you, like me, are wondering why the clip is so dang satisfying to watch, it would appear that each potato has its own physics. While you could do plenty of that in Skyrim, Bethesda has clearly upped the physics simulation here to make it more detailed and refined, and that means more shoving heaps of stuff in a room without the game collapsing in on itself. Is Starfield now the go-to game to stuff heaps of spuds in a room? I'd have to imagine so.

"Those spill physics were beautiful," one enamored fan says.

Another fan adds, "That's an A+ spill right there. And in a Bethesda game, no less. Plus that close was beautiful, I was expecting them to explode and go everywhere."

With the definitive reply, another chimes in with, "Star Citizen player here, was waiting for the ship to blow up so hard it sends everyone into a 30k."

While I, too, am grateful to have witnessed the potato spillage, I wonder how they will get all those spuds back in. Indeed, how did they get them all in there in the first place? I could ask, but some things are better left a mystery.

Rather, I'm more curious about what's happening with the other Starfield players leaving their ships looking like a right old mess. You know that scene from Thor Ragnarok where Karl Urban is all, 'Behold, my stuff?' It's like that, but so much worse.

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