After Ronaldo snub, soccer stars swig Coca-Cola

It seemed like he'd started a thing.

Some stars copied Cristiano Ronaldo after he snubbed Coca-Cola at a pre-match news conference.

The soccer legend, known for his fitness obsession, seemed to urge viewers to drink water instead.

But now some players and coaches at the Euro 2020 championship are going the other way.

Russian coach Stanislav Cherchesov made a point of taking a big swig of Coke when he went on camera.

Ukraine captain Andriy Yarmolenko went one further.

Unlike Ronaldo he moved the cola bottles into shot, not out.

And suggested the firm should get in touch with him.

The comical turn is likely a relief to Coca-Cola.

After Ronaldo’s snub its shares dipped 1.6%, wiping $4 billion off the firm’s share-market value.

Tournament organiser UEFA had to remind teams of their sponsorship obligations.

It didn’t rule out punishments, including fines, if any more bottles went missing.

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