Ron Ng tests negative for COVID-19

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30 Jul – Ron Ng recently assured that he has been tested negative for COVID-19, after being revealed to be one of the few celebrities who attended the same event as actor Robert Mak.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who spoke to the media several days after it was revealed that he attended the same birthday event that Robert was at several days before the latter was diagnosed with COVID-19, stated that he underwent a swab test soon after finding out about the situation, and was later revealed to have not contracted the coronavirus.

"All my relatives and friends were very worried after seeing the report. I live upstairs from my mother, and she would call me often to ask about my health," he said.

As for his "Flying Tiger 3" co-stars Michael Miu and Bosco Wong, Ron said that the two of them were relieved to find out that he was okay.

"Michael said that if I was okay, then it means everybody else [in the drama] is fine. I also made an appointment with Michael and Bosco the day before yesterday to discuss the situation under the pandemic especially since we're exposed when we're in front of the camera," he said.

As for the filming of "Flying Tiger 3", Ron stated that the production has been halted for now, and that the crew are currently planning its strategy when it comes to more effective prevention measures.

(Photo Source: Ron Ng Instagram)

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