Rome is still quiet, despite lockdown easing

It is the second day since shops and bars in Rome were allowed to reopen for business.

But looking around on Tuesday (May 19), you wouldn't know it.

There was no risk of hordes of people sitting on the famous Spanish steps.

And there was little if any small change being thrown inside the Trevi fountain.

An ice cream bar in what is normally a prime location, remained closed for business.

A sign on the door read: "Without help from the government we cannot re-open. Thousands of workers at risk."

Many more shops also decided to stay shut.

The few locals who were out and about took to the bikes to ride around the famous monuments and take photos of this still unusually quiet city.

From June 3, further relaxations of the restrictions should be forthcoming, with an eventual opening of borders.

But an influx of tourism in any substantial number that could help Italy's feeble economy is not expected to happen this year.