New romantic Korean dramas that’ll set your heart aflutter this holiday season

Romantic Korean Dramas
Romantic Korean Dramas

For the hopeless romantic, Korean dramas are a safe haven. For the skeptical, a well-crafted fantasy. That said, every title – whether set in magical fictional lands or modern-day workplaces – promises to be an entertainer worth grabbing a bowl of popcorn for. Here’s a look at a few romantic K-dramas that have recently been released.

Some of the best love stories in the world come with stunning casts, gripping plotlines, and high-production values. They also span a range of genres — historical, action, fantasy, and even horror. Needless to say, there’s no surprise why K-dramas have taken the world by storm. Having presented generations of viewers with classics like Crash Landing On You, Descendants Of The Sun, and the more recent Business Proposal – the industry has truly mastered the art of romance. Best part? The list grows every single day. Whether you’re a seasoned watcher looking for their next obsession or a novice prepared to sink their teeth into a chemistry-fuelled tale — we’ve got a reckoner of the best romantic K-dramas that will tug at your heartstrings.

Swoon-worthy romantic Korean dramas that will hit home

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

Set in the fictional nation of Daeho, the first season of the Alchemy of Souls looked at the rise of Jang Uk, a powerful sorcerer with a dark secret – soul shifting. It also brought with it a host of romantic moments – cue heartwarming scenes of promises in the face of danger, stolen glances, and a much-awaited kiss. There’s also a blossoming relationship between the second leads. The all new season – which looks at the sorcerer taking on the duties of a rogue soul-shifter hunter – is slated to have that and more. If you like your love stories with a dash of fantasy and action – this one’s for you.

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The Interest of Love

Adding a touch of drama to this list, this Korean drama follows the romantic entanglement between four people. Ha Sang Soo – the senior head of the consultation team – is intelligent, humorous, and steadfast, much to the envy of most. Ahn Soo Young – a fourth-year chief bank teller – is stunning, sweet, and trapped in her position. Park Mi Kyung is assertive and honest, often forcing things to go her way. Jung Jong Hyun – studying to be a police officer – is driven and gritty, not having much to his name. As they all discover love and how far they’re willing to go for it, you’ll find yourself hooked. Prepare for some scandal with this one!

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The Fabulous

This love story looks at people who’ve dedicated their lives to fashion, navigating all its challenges along the way. In the spotlight are Ji Woo-Min, a freelance photograph editor who’s competent but not passionate and the peppy Pyo Ji-Eun who’s the section chief of a luxury brand promotion agency. Expect fierce competition, blurry nights, and swoon-worthy romance. You’re bound to be glued to your screen with this one.

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Behind Every Star

Navigating a very similar industry as the one in The Fabulous Behind Every Star looks at agents of a talent agency. Ma Tae-Oh – the general director – is a strategist who doesn’t quit until he gets what he wants. Cheon-Je – the manager – is competitive and hardworking, albeit with a quick temper. Kim Joong-Don – her best friend and fellow manager – is gentle and easygoing. So Hyun-Joo, meanwhile, is a rookie manager who often makes mistakes at work. As the four navigate their individual work lives and keep their celebrity clients happy – they grapple with love, office politics, and everything in between.

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The Forbidden Marriage

Lee Heon – the king of Joseon loses his wife as a crown prince. Unable to cope with her death, he refuses to remarry. Meanwhile, the nation itself implements a blanket ban on single women marrying until the king has found a bride again – sparking considerable criticism. That is, until one day a swindler – to avoid being imprisoned – claims the spirit of the king’s late wife is within her. As days pass, her lies grow more outrageous – leading to the most hilarious set of instances. This romantic K-drama will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone all at once.

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Summer Strike

Rounding out this list is the story of a young woman who has everything one could ask for – a steady job, a loving boyfriend, and a happy family. However, all that changes when her work begins to get stressful and her mother loses her life to a tragic car accident. To make matters worse, her boyfriend decides to break it off with her at the same time. Burnt out, she quits her job and moves to a seaside village to do nothing – that is until she meets a librarian with a tragic past. As the two navigate their individual journeys, they find themselves drawn to each other. If you enjoy a good romance novel, we’re willing to bet you’d binge this as well.

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Which of these romantic Korean dramas are you adding to your watchlist?

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