Romans hope political crisis will be solved

STORY: His resignation was rejected by the head of state, President Sergio Mattarella.

Despite the feeling of concern over yet another political crisis, Italians are hoping that Mattarella, the supreme arbiter in Italian politics, will make Draghi reconsider and avert the collapse of the government.

"I trust in the wisdom of politicians," said Rome resident Salvatore Corona, adding that he thought the crisis would be averted.

Mattarella rejected Draghi's resignation on Thursday (July 14) after a day of political drama that threatened to bring down a national unity government that has been in office less than 18 months.

The former European Central Bank (ECB) president announced he was to resign after the 5-Star Movement, a coalition party, failed to back him in a confidence vote over his plan to combat soaring prices.

After the vote, Draghi met Mattarella to tell him he would step down, but the president urged him to rethink and asked him to address parliament to get a clearer picture of the political situation.

Draghi is expected to appear in parliament next Wednesday (July 20) political sources said.

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