Roman Kemp in turmoil after ‘eating Creme Egg worth £10,000’

Roman Kemp made a very costly blunder after eating a very rare Creme Egg.

The DJ was snacking on the Cadbury treat at home when he came across one he had never seen before.

Kemp shared a photo of the egg – one half of which was milk chocolate, the other half white chocolate – on his Twitter page, writing: “What is this??? HALF WHITE HALF MILK CHOCOLATE??”

It was only after eating the egg that he realised it was part of a promotion that could have bagged him £10,000.

He explained on his Capital Radio show on Monday (20 March): “I was enjoying my Sunday very much. I was watching the last episode of The Last of Us and I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to treat myself. Why not? I’m going to have a Creme Egg.’”

He said his first thougt, after seeing the hybrid egg, was that “someone’s made a mistake here”.

“I’ve never seen one of them before,” he continued, stating: “I was aware obviously that they’ve got the white chocolate ones, they’ve obviously got the normal milk chocolate ones, so I’m thinking, this is just a mistake.”

The competition saw Cadbury create 146 half white, half milk chocolate Creme Eggs as part of an Easter hunt. Six of the eggs are worth £10,000. while three are worth £5,000.

In order to win the prize, those who discover the eggs must take a picture with the uneaten Egg.

However, Kemp had actually eaten the Creme Egg before posting the image on Twitter, following which his followers rushed to tell him that he was in the running to win a fortune.

Roman Kemp was in turmoil after eating a potentially very expensive Creme Egg (Twitter)
Roman Kemp was in turmoil after eating a potentially very expensive Creme Egg (Twitter)

“I’ve eaten it, and then I’ve posted it on Twitter, saying, ‘Oh my God, look at this weird egg that I got.’ Turns out there’s a prize attached to that egg of £10,000. And I’ve eaten it. What do I do now?”

He denied the theory, suggested on social media, that he had been hired by Cadbury to promote the deal.