Rolls-Royce to go all-electric by 2030

Rolls-Royce is to go all-electric by 2030.

The news came Wednesday (September 29) as the luxury car maker revealed some first glimpses of its debut EV.

The "Spectre" will go on sale in late 2023, with testing set to begin soon.

Company boss Torsten Muller-Oetvos says the brand will then progressively ditch combustion engines.

Current cars from Rolls-Royce are anything but zero emission vehicles.

Now though, it follows rival Bentley in making the switch to electric.

And it's ahead of parent firm BMW, which has set no end date for gasoline-fueled motors.

Back in 1900, the company says founder Charles Rolls described electric cars as "perfectly noiseless and clean", and "very useful" if only charging stations were available.

More than a century later, that moment may finally have come.

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