Rolling Stones threaten lawsuit over Trump's music use

President Trump is known for playing well known pop and rock hits at his rallies.

But the Rolling Stones say they don't want their songs on his political playlist.

The band issued a statement on Saturday (June 27) saying they're working with performing rights organization BMI to stop what they called the 'unauthorized' use of their music.

They warned that further use could result in a lawsuit for quote playing music that has not been licensed.

The statement said the Trump campaign had been notified of their intentions, and that previous quote cease and desist directives had been ignored.

The band's hit "You Can't Always Get What You Want" has repeatedly been played at President Trump's rallies.

Back in 2016 Trump's then presidential campaign played the 1969 hit at least four times before a rally in Indiana.

Comment has been sought from the Trump Campaign but no response received as yet.