Rolex Snatched From New York Man's Wrist by Alleged Thieves on Motorbikes

Police are searching for three individuals suspected of robbing a man of his Rolex watch in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City on Friday, August 26.

The NYPD said two people on a dirt bike and one on a moped followed a 64-year-old man down a sidewalk on West 23rd Street just before 1 pm on Friday.

“In front of 208 West 23rd Street, the individuals rode onto the sidewalk and the passenger from the dirt bike jumped off and forcibly removed a Rolex watch from the victim’s wrist, pushing him to the ground. The individual then remounted the dirt bike and all three individuals fled the location traveling eastbound on West 23rd Street and then southbound on 7th Avenue. The victim sustained lacerations to his right arm and hand and refused medical attention at the scene. The value of the stolen Rolex is approximately $12,000,” the NYPD said.

Video released by the NYPD shows the incident. Credit: NYPD via Storyful

Video transcript