NBA Zone app on Roku TV .
NBA Zone app on Roku TV .

Roku is set to enliven its TV home screens via a new partnership with the NBA that will host a dedicated ad-supported basketball channel and an NBA Zone for instant game access, highlights and more.

Announcing the news in a blog post, Roku hyped up its new NBA channel with an official launch starting today. You’ll be able to catch a variety of basketball content with ease through the Roku Channel, where the first-ever NBA FAST will live for easy access.

This new sports destination on Roku will allow you to sit back and watch myriad highlights, original series, interviews, classic games, recaps and documentaries. As part of the partnership, Roku will also be exclusively airing 40 live NBA G league broadcasts nationally amid its 2024 through 2025 season.

NBA Zone will also give basketball fans the latest news and highlights from your favorite teams, keeping you up to date on all the action straight from your Roku Plus Series 4K QLED TV or Roku Streaming Stick 4K.

Roku goes for the NBA 3-pointer

Roku NBA Zone channel on TV
Roku NBA Zone channel on TV

Coined the NBA FAST, which stands for “free ad-supported streaming TV,” Roku’s brand new channel will be the home for all major league basketball fans, inviting users to experience a ton of NBA-related content. This new NBA home will only be available for a limited time — though Roku does not specify for how long.

NBA FAST won’t have any live broadcasted games but will be host to a variety of different types of basketball experiences, which Roku defines as original series, classic games, highlights, recaps, documentaries, studio shows, and interviews. You can access the NBA FAST channel today via the Roku Channel App or the Live TV Channel Guide on your Roku smart TV.

NBA Zone will likewise be a place for NBA fans to visit on Roku TVs via their favorite team selection that pushes the latest news and highlights to the home screen. NBA’s League Pass, a premium broadcast subscription service, can be purchased via NBA Zone, plus the NBA App will also be integrated into Roku’s new basketball hub.

The partnership is set to make the best Roku TVs the best place to experience the NBA and may well give Google TV a run for its money.

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