Rodrigo Santoro Joins Sarah Michelle Gellar in Paramount+ Series ‘Wolf Pack’

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“Westworld” actor Rodrigo Santoro will star opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in the upcoming “Wolf Pack” series for Paramount+, the streamer announced Wednesday.

Santoro will play Garrett Briggs, a Los Angeles park ranger dedicated to protecting the environment, and adoptive father to two remarkable teenagers.

“Wolf Pack” follows the story of a teenage boy and girl whose lives are forever changed when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature, per a logline from the streamer. Their dad, Garrett, is described as “a man of strong values, “ who also has “dark secrets and deep suspicions, especially towards anyone questioning the relationship with his children who were found in the wildfire years earlier.”

Production on the series is underway in Atlanta.

The series is produced by MTV Studios and will debut later this year.

The new show hails from “Teen Wolf” boss Jeff Davis, who is writing and executive producing the series as part of his multi-year deal with MTV Entertainment Studios.

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