Rocket Removed From Frozen Lake in Zaporizhzhia

Workers removed a rocket that fell into a lake during recent shelling in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine’s state emergency service said on January 11.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine for Zaporizhzhia released footage of the removal, which it said was carried out by eight underwater-demining experts using specialized equipment.

As the lake had frozen over with ice five to seven centimeters (2-2.75 inches) thick, rescuers had to use chainsaws to make a hole for diving, the service said. The demining work was complicated by weather conditions, it said, which included a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) and gusty winds.

The state emergency service said pyrotechnicians removed one unit of the remnants of the “Smerch” rocket system, and the explosive object was destroyed. Credit: State Emergency Service of Ukraine for Zaporizhzhia via Storyful