Rocket attack hits U.S.-led base in Iraq

A rocket attack on a U.S.-led military base in Erbil, Iraq, left a civilian contractor dead on Monday.

The blast wounded five others, including an American service member.

That’s according to initial reports from the U.S. coalition in the country.

A Shia militia group with alleged ties to Iran has claimed responsibility for the bombing without providing evidence, saying it targeted “American occupation” in Iraq.

It was the deadliest attack on U.S.-led forces there in almost a year where tensions have escalated between U.S.-aligned Iraqi and Kurdish forces and Iran-aligned militias.

Erbil is the regional capitol in Iraq's northern Kurdish area.

Kurdish security sources said at least three rockets hit near the international airport there.

Adjacent to the airport is a U.S.-occupied military base, where Reuters reporters heard loud explosions and saw a fire erupt.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday the United States was "outraged" by the attack.

In a statement, he said he had reached out to Kurdistan’s leadership to “discuss the incident and to pledge our support for all efforts to investigate and hold accountable those responsible."

The last deadly attack to target the coalition killed one British and two American personnel in March last year.