Rock singer Awie reunites with old flame Erra Fazira at ‘Romantika’ concert

Mark Ryan Raj
Awie and Erra performed together for fans at the weekend. — Pictures via Facebook/Awie Al Pamalo & Erra Fazira

PETALING JAYA, Feb 17 — Famed rock singer-actor Awie surprised his many fans when he “proposed” to his ex-fiancée Erra Fazira during his concert on the weekend.  

Fans in attendance were filled with excitement when the former lovebirds took the stage together in a duet performance.

What shocked them, even more, was the fact that Erra graciously accepted his proposal during their skit, which sparked massive cheers from the crowd.

While many thought that it is now poised for the two to rekindle their love, Awie, whose real name is Datuk Ahmad Azhar Othman, was quick to quash such fantasies as he said that it was just a performance.

As reported by Berita Harian, Awie, 51, explained that the “proposal” scene during the concert was only meant to be as a tribute to the duo’s relationship nearly two decades ago.

However, proposing to your ex-fiancée on stage in front of thousands of people is a bold move, even if you’re a rockstar like Awie.



He expressed that he had already been granted permission from his wife Sharifah Ladyana Syed Samsuddin to carry on with the performance.

“I would like to thank my wife for being so understanding and for allowing me to relive my past memories in this concert,” said Awie.

“Fortunately she gave me permission to do it. Otherwise, I don’t know what would have happened.”

“Konsert Awie Romantika” was held on February 15 at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam, and was organised as a tribute concert to mark Awie’s 25-year career in the arts, which had Erra Fazira as a special guest performer.

Awie and Erra rehearsing months ago. — Picture via Instagram/@errafazira

The superstar pair performed in front of over 6,000 excited fans, as they even treated them to a special performance of their new duet, Cinta Makrifat.

As previously promised in the build-up to the concert, Awie and Erra finally revealed the real reasons for the split all those years ago, putting an end to their fans’ unanswered questions.

They displayed in their performance that jealousy and the advances of others as the reasons why their four-year engagement fell through during the performance.

They also explained how Awie’s rocker status and Erra being a beauty queen didn’t help, as their careers began to get in the way of their relationship.

Social media users loved that Awie and Erra performed together. — Screengrab via Youtube/Budiey Channel

While their relationship wasn’t meant to be, social media users were in love with the fact that the two could still stay close and even perform on stage together.

“Wow. It feels like I’m dreaming watching Awie perform a duet with Erra on stage,” wrote one user.

“God works in beautiful ways. In the end, Awie and Erra share the stage again. It’s so nostalgic,” wrote another.

Awie and Erra first met in 1994 when they appeared on the big screen together in the film Sembilu, and got engaged around that time too, before eventually calling it quits in 1998.

Despite their failed attempt at love, however, the pair have remained close friends over the years and during the concert, Awie even took the opportunity to have a belated celebration for Erra’s which was on February 9.

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