Robots dish out the drinks at reopened Dutch restaurant

Meet Amy – an unusual new staffer at a local restaurant in the Netherlands.

UPSOT Amy: I will go back automatically in 20 seconds.


"Like, I don't know, like in a movie, like, I don't know, like Matrix. I don't know, it's weird, really weird.

At your service: a robotic trio of waiters named Amy, Aker, and James.

They’ve been brought into the Dadawan restaurant in Maastricht to help decrease physical contact between human staff and customers.

Each robot has a simple humanoid figure, including arms to hold serving trays. Staff can load drinks onto the trays, press a table number and stand back as the robot rolls away.

The service can be a bit stiff. Customers must pick up their own drinks, and there isn’t much interaction involved.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) BRITISH STUDENT FROM ENGLAND STUDYING IN MAASTRICHT AGED 21, ALEX JAKUBOWSKI SMITH, SAYING: "I like it that we're able to go to restaurants now but I think that getting food from a robot seems a bit strange, I prefer humans."

Restaurants in the Netherlands have reopened since June 1st, but they are only allowed to receive up to 30 people with a minimum distance of 5ft between tables.

For now, Dadawan's robo-service is limited to food and drink delivery, but the owner hopes to quickly widen their repertoire.

So should human waiters be worried about losing their jobs to robots?

Not yet, according to Dadawan’s representative Paul Seijben.

SOUNDBITE) (Dutch) MARKETING AND BRAND OWNER OF DADAWAN RESTAURANTS, PAUL SEIJBEN, SAYING: "Our team is very happy with the robots. The staff actually have each their own secretary who helps with the work so that they can also come into more contact with the guests. Walking from the bar to the tables and from the kitchen to the tables is no longer necessary. This offers extra space to give our guests a better experience."

Robotic waiters were introduced in China several years ago and have since become a novelty at restaurants around the world.