Robotaxi startup gains taxi license in China

STORY: Robotaxi startup has obtained a taxi license in China

which will allow some of its self-driving vehicles to start charging fares

Toyota-backed said it was awarded the license

to operate 100 vehicles in the Guangzhou city district of Nansha

making it the first autonomous driving company in the country to do so

Passengers will be able to hail and pay for rides with a app

The company will initially deploy driverless cars with safety drivers

but expects to remove them ‘over the short to intermediate time frame’


"The three biggest challenges for the autonomous driving is the technical, it's the regulation, and it's the consumer acceptance. I think on all three fronts we're making great progress. I don't see any blocking issue on all three fronts. It just takes time to solve more problems in all three areas to make this a reality."

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