Robodog joins Dutch special forces team

This Robodog is training with Dutch police

Its primary function is entering drugs labs before humans do

The robot is guided by an agent with a remote control

Courtesy: Dutch Police Central Unit

(SOUNDBITE) (Dutch) DIVISION SPECIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST SIMON, SAYING (SOUNDBITE CONTINUES OVER SHOTS OF 'SPOT' WALKING INSIDE AND OUTSIDE):"(In the past), we already had a robot with very good caterpillar track qualities, but it couldn't get up to a kerb. We had robots with very good wheels, but they couldn't get through difficult terrain. We had robots with very good cameras, but they could not be as mobile. And what we see in 'Spot', we are very enthusiastic about it, because it is a platform that we can move through all terrains, both at a slow and a fast pace. 'Spot' itself has some very good sensors, but we can also place on 'Spot' all kinds of sensors that we already use within the police organization."

The four-legged robot dog named "Spot"

is developed by U.S. company Boston Dynamics

Future applications for Spot could include

entering a crime scene and taking DNA samples