Robert Mak frustrated over video of past performance leaking online

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30 Jul – Robert Mak recently expressed ire over a video circulating online of him singing on stage that was alleged to be the gig he was performing in Tsim Sha Tsui prior to his hospitalisation for COVID-19.

As reported on Mingpao, the video which has been circulating since late last week, features the actor performing with several female dancers around him. No one was seen wearing a mask, and the actor was also heard telling the audience, "The most important thing is to be happy. When you're happy, no illness will come to you."

When asked about the video, Robert, who is still in treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kowloon, took to social media to deny it being a recent performance, stating that it was a 2019 show.

"I have not sang for most of the year, and I only had two or three performances (before the diagnosis). I had zero income for the whole six months and even had gone to the bank to make a loan," he expressed.

Robert also stressed that he didn't move around after seeing the doctor on 13 July, and had been resting at home prior to his hospitalisation on 17 July.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)

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